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Drawing Club

Drawing club is a daily 10-minute whole class session, followed by the ‘Drawing Club’ itself.  It is based around three key aims; supporting children's progress with making conversation, mark making and mathematical language. 

Making Conversation- Throughout Drawing Club we model and support children with developing conversational skills. We focus on ensuring that children are able to talk confidently, listen to and respect the ideas of others and provide opportunities for children to collaborate. Each week, we introduce children to new vocabulary and support them in using this within and beyond Drawing Club itself.

Mark Making- Drawing club is always centred around a child’s unique next step. Throughout a child’s time in Drawing Club they will increase their fine motor skills with purpose. Staff will support children with their unique next steps, whether this be developing a strong pencil grip, applying their phonic knowledge to writing that supports their drawing or sequencing sentences to form narratives! .

Mathematics- Drawing is full of mathematical opportunities, whether that be counting, comparing, writing numerals or using mathematical language. These concepts are modelled by staff leading Drawing Club so that children become confident in using this in their own drawing and writing.