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Home/School Contact Explained

How can you contact us and how will the school keep in contact with you?

As a Federation, we are pleased to offer you various ways of communication between home and school. Below is a list of suggestions on how you can contact us and the ways we may contact you. To ensure  this process is successful, please ensure that your contact details are updated when needed. It is particularly important that your emergency phone contact numbers are correct. This should include, home landline, mobile numbers and work numbers. You will have given the school a relative or neighbour that can be contacted in the event of your numbers not being reachable. Please ensure these numbers are kept updated too.


Methods of contact:

1Through this website- We aim to keep it up to date with news, important dates and other useful information. Please contact us if you would like any other information added or have any comments that would help this website serve you better.

2. Leave a message through this website. You can leave a message  on this website which will be received in the office and be passed on to the relevant member of staff for action if applicable. Click here for the link and scan to the bottom of the page:

3. Letters home- At this stage, we will continue to send letters home for your information. We are adding copies of letters to our website. This particularly helps you when letters get lost.

4. Text Messaging- When we want to communicate with you quickly about something e.g. a cancellation of an event, emergency school closure, a request from your child’s class teacher, we will use our School Text Messaging Service. You cannot reply to this service, but it is a great way of keeping you informed. (Reminder: It is important that you inform us when you change your mobile phone number, both to continue to receive this free service and for when we may need to contact you for other reasons).

5. Phone Calls-

  • a. You may leave a message on our answering machine during out of hours. When the office is busy and during lunch times, the machine is sometimes switched on for short periods during the school day. We will get back to you as soon as possible if you need to speak to us. Please leave your name, your child’s name, class and your phone number to return your call.
  • b. Occasionally, you may receive a phone call from your child’s class teacher or another member of staff. There are many reasons why we may contact you to include a celebration phone call to tell you about something positive that has happened involving your child.
  • c. If you work or find it difficult to come into school to speak to us, please feel free to request your child’s class teacher phones you to discuss any matters. This will be done outside of the teachers teaching timetable and a mutually convenient time can be booked.

6Call in to see us- The Federation has an ‘open door policy’ which means we will welcome you to school at any time to discuss any matter regarding your child. We would respectfully ask you to speak to your child’s class teacher first. They will either see you straight away or may request you come back as soon as possible outside of their teaching commitment.

7. Parents Evenings- dates of parents evenings will be published through this website and on our Newsletters. Appointments are booked by visiting our office or phoning. If you have any concerns about your child or wish to share important information with the class teacher, please contact us at any time to arrange an appointment during the school year. Where parents evenings time slots may be inconvenient, an alternative time can be arranged with the class teacher.


To further improve our communication methods we would welcome you leaving comments or suggestions through any of the methods listed above.

Please note that in the event of an emergency, a member of staff will always speak to you immediately. Ensure that on contact using the methods above, you make this clear.